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speed-up-computerSpeed up computer

What slows down a laptop is not it’s age but the amount of tasks it has to perform at the same time. When you start your brand new laptop for the first time,  there is not much on it, and therefore everything is fast and it’s a great experience altogether. After a few months however, when you have personalised your interface, installed more programs and utilities, games and gadgets, you can already notice that the things are not what they used to be.speed-up-computer-disk-test This is due to the extra effort the laptop has to produce, to load these new things that register at startup, and carry on working in the background when the computer is in use. No blame here, it’s meant to be this way. However, you have to realise that your processor possibilities and the quantity of ram are not infinite, and if the demand is higher than the available resource, the data will be slower to be delivered, hence the apparent slowness of the computer. This has not much if anything to do with the amount of pictures or music on your hard drive, but definitely with the programs in use, some of them working silently in the background, but definitely using hard drive, memory, and processor.

Concretely, we are talking about applications such as Skype, Windows updates, Antivirus updates, Internet browser bars, Printer updates and most of the time, all the personalised gadgets preinstalled by the manufacturer of your laptop, but not a part of the Microsoft Windows operating system that comes with your computer. So, finally this is all normal and will happen in time to any computer, even to the highest end ones. (but just later…)

What to do?

Speed up computer – Step 1

speed-up-computerLaptop Repair North London offers a performance restoration service to bring your computer back from asphyxation to normal levels, and even boost it’s capabilities in terms of speed and memory. This speed up computer process includes a check for fragmented files, manual thorough cleaning of the startup programs and services, the removal of temporary internet files, cookies, useless third party programs, full and systematic cleaning of the registry, detection and eradication of some unwanted processes and services, full system scan for suspicious malware, detection and removal of hidden programs.

Speed up computer - Step 2

Then we  proceed to the optimisation of your operating system, concentrating it’s activities according to your needs, and not to the default  setup it comes with. You may visit this page from Microsoft, proposing a quick fix to this problem. If this doesn’t help, please call us for a visit on 020 8882 7293.

Once these repairs and adjustments have been done , your laptop will be faster than ever, even still carrying all your documents, pictures and music.

Speed up computer - Step 3

We may consider as well a memory  increase, processor replacement, or/and the installation an SSD hard drive that will dramatically increase the performance of your laptop.

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